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The BetterVet Difference – Why Join BetterVet?

BetterVet is family… literally. We are a family owned and operated veterinary practice and we treat all our stakeholders with respect and kindness. Employees work autonomously and are provided with boundless opportunities to succeed. Here are a few of the benefits our employees take advantage of as a member of the BetterVet family: BetterVet  family

BetterVet, Better values

Here at BetterVet, we’re seeking to foster a better culture where everyone – pets, pet parents, veterinarians, vet nurses, and office staff members – can feel empowered.. Take a look at our values to see what constantly drives BetterVet to new heights.

Owner hug his dog illustration.

Lead with Compassion

Everything we do, we do with compassion. We treat everyone with kindness and we give back, always.

Heart illustration.

Stay True, Always

We are honest and transparent in our pursuit for excellence. When we make mistakes, we own up and learn from them.

Drive Innovation illustration.

Drive Innovation

We believe in the revolutionary power of technology. We are not afraid to be first movers to better the world around us.

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Put Family First

From pet to caretaker to customer, we are all in this together. This is our community and chosen family.

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Empower Our People and Pets

We believe real empowerment creates real change. We strive to elevate the standards of convenience, customer service, and overall healthcare experience.

Seamless Work-Life Balance

We understand that your personal life is important, so we commit ourselves to improving your mental and emotional well-being.

Flexible Hours

We know that it can feel like you’re in a pinball machine bouncing between work and home life, and we let your schedule be flexible to fit your needs.

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Kitchen-table Relationships

The beauty of home-visits is that you have the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with clients right in their home, rather than a packed schedule of pets cycling in and out the door.

Freedom to Practice

We will never step on your toes and tell you how to practice medicine.

Industry-Leading Veterinary Technology

We support you with our cutting-edge website and mobile app that take care of scheduling, online pharmacy, and telehealth. And we provide you with a fully outfitted vehicle, equipped with high-end tools.
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Your Nationwide Family

We really are a team. Our doctors get together once per month for virtual rounds to discuss cases or just be social.

A Real Partner

We team you with an experienced technician, one of our amazing nurses. We pay them a higher, livable, and well-deserved wage (typically at least 25% higher than most competitors). We also trust them and their medical expertise to do more than just clean cages.
BetterVet's Veterinarians driving illustration.
BetterVet team.

Our Office Team

Our Office Team turns ideas into reality. From product to marketing, you are empowered to pitch new projects and build high-impact products from day one.

Our goal is simple: Create the best veterinary experience for our clients.

For engineers, get your hands dirty on creating some of the best-in-class veterinary tech. For designers, sink your teeth in a burgeoning brand and influence it. For operators, we have best-in-class tools and tech at your disposal to operate with class and care.

Come join our passionate team at BetterVet!

Benefits & Perks

Hybrid-Remote Office
Annual Company Retreats
Medical, Vision & Dental Insurance

Other Benefits

Signing bonuses, competitive salaries, health insurance, 401(k) and 401(k) matching plans, paid time off, continuing education allowance, Fear Free training, dues to veterinary organizations, playful company apparel, national company outings, and more!

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A Day in the Life of a Vet & Nurse Team

Here is an overview of what your typical day may look like, you can always select your start time and shift length

8:30 AM: Prepping for the Day

The Nurse drives the BetterVet vehicle from their home to the Vet’s home, and then the team heads out to visit clients.

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8:30 AM: Morning Visits

As a team, you will get to see four pets in the morning window for a variety of sick and wellness visits. You will be able to care confidently for your comfortable patients right in their home, with time to form connections with clients over the kitchen table. Between appointments, the Nurse drives as the Vet follows up with clients through email and text messages, updates medical records, and lets clients know when we’re running ahead of schedule. The clients have already been confirmed and you can follow your route that has been optimized and mapped out for you.

12:00 PM:

Time to pick up some lunch on the road.

12:30 PM: Afternoon Visits

During the afternoon round of appointments, you will typically see four more clients, with a potential same-day scheduled visit if time allows. With our team and mobile platform, you get to spend less time dealing with equipment logistics, scheduling, and finding customers, with more time to focus on caring for your clients.

4:00 PM: Wrapping up the Day

After your last home-visit of the day, it’s time to head back to the home office, follow up from visits, prepare lab submissions for courier pickup, clean equipment, restock the car, and make a plan for the next day. After a day of home visits, the day ends, fittingly, at your own home.

BetterVet veterinarians and nurses image.

Special Occasions

Nurse-led Visits

One to two days per week, we send out our Nurses in pairs to perform follow-up visits with our clients. We trust our nurses to perform meaningful work, and they love that responsibility and the well-deserved compensation for their expertise.

Surgery days

We've partnered with local VetCor hospitals to provide surgical and dental care as well as radiography.  Our own team of 1 doctor and 2 nurses pick up your pet and provide comprehensive care.  Our clients love the concierge service!

Visits to our partners

Our team is always working to form partnerships with local organizations like shelters and various living communities where we can serve many pets in one location.

Employee Stories

Dr. Linda Dugger image.
Dr. Linda Dugger
Veterinarian at BetterVet Denver

״I had been practicing mobile veterinary medicine for over 20 years and joining the BetterVet team has been an exciting new challenge. When I started in this career in 1992, veterinarians were always on call and no one expected work-life balance. Times have thankfully changed. Companies like BetterVet realize that burning their staff and associates out, paying low salaries and treating employees as dispensable is contrary to good company practices, and they seem to really care for the individual. I love BetterVet's desire to move beyond just being an employer and instead, striving to be an organization that supports veterinarians and veterinary staff in their career choices, work-life balance all while strengthening the client-patient-veterinarian bond.”

Kelly Singer image.
Kelly Singer
Veterinary Nurse

I am thrilled to be working at Better Vet in the hybrid position of Veterinary Nurse and Onboarding Specialist. As a Veterinary Nurse, I help people care for their furry family members in the comfort of their own homes. The pets are more relaxed and the clients have minimal disruption to their normal routine. I love that we can deliver high quality veterinary care while minimizing stress for the pets and their people! BetterVet is an innovative company with a strong technology foundation. Our app supports the ease and convenience of modern expectations. Additionally, the benefits, competitive salary, and set schedule make this a true dream job!

Ada image.
Ada Yeung
Marketing Director at BetterVet

It’s such an exciting time to be a part of BetterVet right now. No two days are the same, and every decision we make as a team, however small, is truly impactful; it’s empowering! And even though our team is growing fast, we still maintain a close relationship among all of us thanks to our management’s unwavering commitment to our company values. If you value working with people who are passionate about what they do and excited by opportunities to learn, BetterVet is a great place to be.

Matthew Harris Image.
Matthew Harris
Lead Solutions Architect at BetterVet

“​​BetterVet is a great place to work if you're looking for a fast-paced environment and an exciting place to work. It has a great early tech startup feel, but with mature decision makers who are open to everyone's input. There's the opportunity to work with all parts of the business to grow and learn how to build a company. When we aren't working there are plenty of work events to relax and have fun. Great pay and benefits, and management that is willing to listen to make the company an even better place to work!”

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