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Mobile Veterinary Services in Eugene

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Eugene , Say Hello to Mobile Veterinary Care

Mobile vet care means better vet care. BetterVet is a full-service veterinary practice on wheels supported by a powerful digital platform. Whether you need a quick video consultation or an at-home visit, it’s simple. Just open our BetterVet app or website, book an appointment, and we will come to you.

Our Mobile Vet Services in Eugene

We offer all the major services that your pet needs to make sure your pets live a long, happy, and healthy life.

Allergy Testing and Treatment

Dermatologic Examination

Blood Work

Electrocardiogram (ECG)



Neurological Examination

Nutritional and Behavioral Consultation

Orthopedic Examination

Pain Management

Pet Travel Certificates

Sick Patient Exams and Urgent Care

U.S. Health Certificate

Ultrasound Examination


Video Consultation

Wellness Exam




Spaying & Neutering


If you want to learn more about our mobile veterinary services and want to make sure it’s the right choice for you and your pet, then book your first virtual consultation with your BetterVet veterinarian for free.

Benefits of Mobile Veterinary Care

Mobile vet care is simply easier and more convenient for pet parents and the pet. Pets are less stressed, and our doctors improve the diagnosis of your pets by examining them in their natural home environment.

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No wait times

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veterinary care

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Hassle-free scheduling

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Expert telemedicine

The BetterVet Difference

If you’re a pet parent who has a busy schedule, has gotten turned away from packed clinics, or has anxious pets, BetterVet is for you. BetterVet’s mobile vet services provide a hassle-free experience. With in-home vet care, we bring expert veterinary care to you. Avoid traffic and pet carriers, and let your pet stay calm and stress-free with every mobile vet visit.

Meet Your Eugene Mobile Veterinary Team

Our Eugene team will provide the vet services your pet needs in the comfort of your home. We will come to you!

Our Eugene Mobile Veterinarians

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Dr. Bonnie B. Oberlander

Dr. Bonnie B. Oberlander



Dr. Bonnie B. Oberlander

Dr. Bonnie B. Oberlander


Dr. Burns-Oberlander was born and raised in the small town of Salisbury, MD. Her family loved animals and had many pets including cats, dogs, birds, mice, fish and hamsters. Science was always her passion in school and she decided in the second grade that she was going to be a doctor. After finishing high school, she moved across the country to attend college at the University of California, San Diego and graduated with a degree in Biology. She was then accepted to the U.C. Davis School of Veterinary Medicine and graduated in 1996. Dr. Burns returned to San Diego to complete an internship in small animal medicine and surgery at a busy emergency/ referral practice. She worked as a veterinarian in Fresno and Monterey, California before moving to Eugene with her husband and daughters in 2004. In November 2010, Dr. Burns established Eugene Mobile Veterinary Services to offer quality medicine for cats and dogs in the comfort of their own homes. She grew the practice over the last 11 years and outfitted vans as mobile clinics to provide additional services that include surgery, dentistry, x-rays and ultrasound all at a patient’s house. She also opened an office location where clients can bring in their pets and/or pick up medications. Dr. Burns enjoys being able to really get to know her clients and to take the time to give quality care to her patients without the stress of going into a clinic. It really is a great way to practice veterinary medicine. She has special interests in dentistry, ultrasound and acupuncture. She merged with BetterVet in January 2022 to continue to offer the same great service to the Eugene/Springfield area. In her free time, Dr. Burns enjoys traveling, hiking, cooking, playing the flute in the community orchestra and helping her husband with his winery and tasting room. She and her husband have two adult daughters and 5 rescued cats that keep them on their toes.

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