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Reduce fear & stress with in-home visits

BetterVet's mobile veterinary experience makes vet visits a comfortable one. Pets are less stressed in their natural home environment. Plus, it's more convenient for pet parents, too. Looking after your pet’s health and happiness has never been easier.


How it Works

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Video chat with your vet

Get a quick consultation virtually from anywhere. Simply book an appointment, and one of our Veterinarians will connect with you.

Schedule home call visits

No more waiting rooms. We will come to you. Easily book a home visit for a wellness exam, sick visit, diagnostics, and more.

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Track your pet’s health in one, convenient place

Never mind keeping track of all of the important paper documents. Easily access your pet’s medical history, past appointments, and certificates through our app.

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Treat your pet to vet care of the 21st century

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