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Dr. Hanna Ekstrom

Dr. Hanna Ekstrom began practicing many, many years ago, in 1992, right after graduating with honors from Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine, but in fact, she had been dreaming of being a veterinarian from shortly after she was born. Her mother remembers her as a three-year-old, conscientiously caring for the family dog, plastic stethoscope in hand. Luckily, she has come a long way from those days, and now is the proud owner of an actual stethoscope, not to mention a whole load of other "veterinary toys" as well. For the first few years of her life as a veterinarian, she worked for both large and small animal clinics around Puget Sound, before eventually starting up a clinic known as At Home Vet, which she owned for 17 years before she downsized into the iteration you are reading about today. ​

Although she loved her clinic, she found that her favorite part of the day was the house calls, so she has now returned to her roots by beginning this practice, Gentle Home Vet, and a "sister" practice known as Angel Wings Vet, which focuses solely on Hospice and End-of-Life Care. ​ Dr. Hanna is joined by Rachele Berger, her veterinary assistant, friend, and office dynamo. Together, they make a pretty darn good team, and are both looking forward to meeting you and your four-legged family members soon!

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